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Sunday, August 25, 2002

I'm dying. Someone put a bullet in me. Stupid cunting colds. Hmmph. It started to come on at work yesterday, and I had cold chills followed by hot flushes, a wicked sore throat, and a shitload of snot happening. I'd be lying down, and then sit up and my mucous and snot would slide down my throat. Gag. And I'm going out tonight, and I look like crap. Eh, hopefully with some alcohol in me I'll be all chipper and shit.

Work, other than that, was fun though! Everyone said I was much less offensive, and Tom was nice to me. Heh. I did find out though, that Tom has put me on a list of 5 guys who Cheekbones can't do anything with. How fucking rude. I mean, he can make up his own mind, I think. Cheekbones whined that the five guys were the only ones he was interested in. Heeheehee. Oh, and we got 91% on that:

xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx

It's a sign! And Tom wrote it as well, for little reason. Have they been talking about me? Yikes.

Today I trouped through my pain and went shopping, and bought kickass new jeans and a top and sexy underwear. oooOOOooo. I really doubt anything will happen tonight, though, as I look hideous with coldFace. Most unappealing.