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Thursday, August 22, 2002
I'm worried that my title is all talk, no action, as I don't really have anything to bitch about at the moment. Curse my boring-ass vanilla lifestyle!

Can't bitch about Cheekbones, as I have nothing really against him at the moment. Which is good, and I shouldn't complain. I think I've realised that we would be a pretty shitty couple anyway, and I really love having the snarky, bitchy-yet-loving relationship we have. Although his taste in men is so bad. I mean really, dude, if you want a "clean cut pretty boy", at least go for one who doesn't look totally faggy. Sheesh, a couple of weeks ago you were into muscle, and now pretty? Whatever. And hello, I'm clean cut and pretty, why don't you want anything like that with me, dammit. Hmm. Friends is good... Friends is good... Friends is good... It's just weird how he hits on anything with a cock, except me. Which I should be pleased with really, as the sex would probably fuck things up, and a boyfriend relationship wouldn't work at ALL. But still. It would nice to feel wanted, for a change. What's so wrong with me that flirting with me isn't warranted? Damn it, I just need someone hot. NOW.

I totally need a job. Three days of uni is hardly enough to occupy me. Work would mean money, new friends, and the opportunity for hot slampieces! Woo!