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Thursday, September 26, 2002
It's officially my birthday! Huzzah! I am no longer a teenager, but am now a 20-something. Yikes. I should be getting married and graduating and having babies, not bumming around with no graduation date in the near future, no job, no partner, and this is so depressing I'm going to start a new paragraph.

Right... now.

I'm a bit pissy as my night of drinking has been pushed back 'till tomorrow night (ie Saturday) although I'm not really too bummed about it. I'm pretty easy about it all, and I want as many people there as possible and it will be more fun. I just feel like a bit of a loser with nothing planned for my actual birth night! Although, my friend Anna is taking me rockclimbing in the morning, and then I have an appointment with the salon. I may spend the afternoon evening indulging myself. Maybe... someone will finally get in contact with me and ask me over for margaritas?