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Saturday, September 14, 2002
Last night was awesome! It was heaps of fun, and caught up with a truckload of people I haven't seen for ages. My friend Julie has grown her hair past her shoulders and looks awesome. Unfortunately I smoked too much, and in combination with the soda in vodka-lime-soda's, nearly made Dawei go spew. I swear, that's the only combination that makes me feel sick. Any alcohol plus soda = drunk Dawei + cigarettes = barf. What makes simple soda water so toxic?

Also: no embarrassing messages to Cheekbones were sent. YESSSSS! The down side was that I sent one to Rory, although he is in Japan at the moment, so his mobile probably isn't working. Oh well. I am still sort of wavering in regards to Cheekbones. I mean, I know romance with him would be bad, but then I hear about him making out with the DJ on the dancefloor and it still hurts. Hmmph. And then I obsess over it and then I get a migraine. If only he paid me some more attention and seemed more active in our friendship dammit! He is like, my only gay friend and thus is my contact to other hot men. And I guess if he is coupled up with this DJ character, all the more for me. Joy. Only not.

Oh, that's the other thing that's shitting me. The DJ works these late night Saturday night shifts with my favourite obscure radio station. So at the moment I'm listening to him!!! ARGH!!!! What if he dedicates a song to him? Ahh! I'm looking for positives, like, he can get me VIP access into clubs and make cool intros. And he must be nice, as he isn't really all THAT hot. He's like, 5' tall as well, unless I was just totally drunk that night. Hmmph.

Stupid life.