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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Why aren't my bitchfucking comments working? God the cunting Internet sucks ASS.


I am in a fairly hideous mood today, and it's only 2.30! Mainly because one cunting Cheekboned friend I have is a total asshole. The sad thing is he isn't a total asshole, I'm the asshole for being hung up on the loser, and then overreacting when he does something that isn't all that bad. I feel weak and stupid for letting him get to me, as normally I'm independant and headstrong. I can't believe that I fell so hard for this guy, who doesn't really treat me all that well: certainly no better than just an ordinary friend of his. And I would do anything for him. Argh, I feel so pathetic!!! Kill me.

I was bored at uni so I rang him up asking if he wanted to chill and catch up, as I haven't seen him for a while, and he went to a rave thing on the weekend and I wanted all the goss. So he said, cool, I'll ring you when I get to uni around one. At 1.20 my ass is asleep and I'm BORED so I SMS him asking him where the fuck he is. His reply? "I'm suit shopping with Tommy. Wanna play doubles tennis at 4?"

No. No I don't.


I'm sitting on the grass for like, 2 hours, looking like a MORON with no friends, my ass is asleep and I could be at home doing god knows what. ARGH. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And so now I'm really resenting Tom as well, as I hardly ever see Cheekbones as it is, and now whenever I do, HE is there as well being all friend-stealy. Stupid cunt.

And so I sent him a quasi-bitchy SMS reply, to which he hasn't replied, even though I offered a very amicable beer-and-wedges post tennis outing. How. Rude. So I'm expecting all these being-on-e having sex with "so many hot guys" stories this arvo as well. What's wrong with me, dammit? And what's wrong with me for still being hung up on him?

I'm disappointed in you, Dawei.

And then on my way home, I ran into another one of my good friends who is now part of a Disgusting Couple. She said I have issues with people who are couples. I told her to go fuck herself.