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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Cam update! Finally had a gossip session with him after tennis which was nice. He and Harry (snerk) are pretty happy, although Cam himself seems a bit tooly. Like, name dropping? WTF? He said he "flirted" with Morrissey at the Sleaze Ball in Sydney and was hit on by Ian Roberts. Bwa! And he has become quite the drug fucked loser too. Interesting. I think he thinks we live in New York, and likes the idea that because he's shagging a DJ he is all cool and shit, and all: blahblah clubs blahblah palming off people blahblah. Uhm, dude, we live in Brisbane. You see the same 100 people out every night. Chill. Part of me is all: unh, whatever, but another is all: hmmph my life is boring because I hang out in grungy pubs with mates, and am not on the gayscene at all. Hmmph.

Ms Hairy Legs-- I told him I new someone who worked at Home in Sydney to seem like I wasn't totally Brisbane-centric. Hee. I'm lame.