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Monday, November 11, 2002
Because study is boring and shitting me, I decided to go find me a new wardrobe. Of course, seeing as I have no money, I had to do it on this infernal contraption. However this is mine. It's Gucci. Droooooooool. Stupid money. Actually, either of these Prada Puppies would be nice. But if I'm going to go the whole full coat look, it's all about this Gucci dude: buttons!

I'm not sure why I'm on such a huge coat kick at the moment. Seeing it's fucking boiling and I'm spending my days lounging around in my undies and tank top. And even in Winter, it's not like BrisVegas ever gets cold enough to warrant me stomping around the place like a Gucci-clad Gestapo. Is the Gestapo the Nazi police dudes, or was that the guy who killed Pinocchio?

Anyway, I want it to snow! I've already got this bitchin' grey cashmere scarf. It's wasted on all this cunting sunshine and beachiness. Hmmph. I think I'll have to go work in a hospital or something over in London or in somewhere-cold USA. That'd be sweet.