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Saturday, November 23, 2002
Mother FUCKER. I broke the stupid cunting links thingies. Bloody John Howard had better be damned grateful, or I'll kick his ass.

On a more pleasant note, I've finished exams -- yay. On a less pleasant note, the Gods have rewarded this achievement by giving me explosive diarrhea and stomach cramps. Joy. I'm going out to the movies and drinks tonight though, so hopefully I wont change the decor of the venues to poo-brown.

Do you think my snobbiness has gone to an extreme when a really hot dude was all flirty, but I was all: ew, he works at Coles? I'll go back and work my magic I think, at least to get another homofied friend. I have none left! Stupid sex. I'll probably go chase Richie for a bit next year, as a friend, because he always boosts my confidence. Gotta love those arty/spiritual types. Then, bouyed from him, I will be able to snare many a hottie with my newfound sense of confidence! Meanwile, it's been almost two months and Cheekbones STILL hasn't said Happy Birthday. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I did something wrong, or if I'm at fault for his non-interest in me. Hmmph, nah. I think he's a tool. Who always gets what he wants. I hate those people. I hope he gets herpes or something, so I can laugh. Big, painful Type II Herpes all over his mouth, like Matthew Kunt from Search for a Supermodel! Ha HA!