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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
The House of Debauchery and Bee-yotching has gone sexy, yo. Not only sexy, but sex-ay. Actually, scrap that. Sexxx-AY! Look at my mascot, Li'l Dawei.

Yeah, it was just a bit of something I designed in the adbreaks of The Amazing Race... ...


Okay, noone is going to fall for that (especially if you read the first month-or-so posts in Vintage Dawei). Massive props to The Count! The designer and author of the most popular Australian blog, like, EVER did my page! Whee!

Okay, I'm over it.

I guess I should update on Cute Coles Dude. While I haven't actually exchanged awkward inuendo laden banter with him for about a month, I've seen him twice in as many days. It's getting really freaky. Yesterday he was coming out of a shop as I walked past it, so I couldn't turn around and talk without looking like a pathetic hormone infused teenager. He was looking fine as well. Skintight tank top. Droooooool. And yeah. But today, I was "pumping gas" at the servo for Mum, when he walked past! I'm not sure he saw me though. He walked into a nearby park, so I don't know if he is a public toilet cumslut, or if he was just walking through the park. But dammit! Why isn't he working anymore? And I'm going back and forward to the beach for a while now, so I wont see him! Blast. It's probably a good thing though, as going by my current frame of mind, I would just end up dry humping his leg. And I don't think I want that. Or do I? Meh. I'm sure he's taken anyway.

Also, this tooly guy, who I haven't seen for a year, keeps messaging me "flirtatious" SMSes, because he's bored of his boyfriend. He doesn't want to break up or lose what he has with his fella, but he still wants a dirty fuck-fest with yours truly. So I've been cockteasing him a bit, as I certainly am NOT going down THAT track again. As if!

Men really suck.