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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Operation Aftertaste has hit a snag: target Coles Dude is never there! And I even had a reason to be down there today! I bet he's quit. Although, I did see someone who looked a bit like him on my first driveby. I really hope it wasn't, as it was grounds for my crush to be extinguished. His hair was without his overgrown-schoolboy side part, but more... vertical. The icky thing was what he was wearing. Like, those really blue plastic-y fauxdenim jeans, which ended at his ankles with black sandles, and this grey loose-fitting tank top. And while his arms are alright PASTY FLESH ALERT!!! AWOOGA AWOOGA!

He was walking into the compound, but I lost him after that, so I cannot verify his identity. He normally works there on Wednesdays, what's going on?!

And even if it WAS him, hello fashion retardation? I'm calling in the "special" minibus for him right now. I cannot possibly date someone who looks like ass in casual clothes. Uniform? Hot. His choice of casualwear? Not. What is he, heterosexual? I thought gay dudes had (mostly) exquisite taste (except for one churlish young cad who wears board-shorts in the city, ahem). Argh. Add "poor fashion choices" to my list of "Characteristics Which Prevent a Dawei-match". I guess I'll just have to fuck him stupid and turn him loose. How tiresome.

Actually, I had a dream about him last night. Which is bad, because it means I'm obsessive, and yet good, because it wasn't about Cheekbones! In it we got nekkid, and I felt his pee-pee through his pants, and it was HUGE. So I took it out, and it was like, 12" long. So then I ran out and called findsam to get some advice from him (why, I have no idea. It would have been a fruitless call. Heh, "fruit"), and when I came back, there was another guy on the couch. He is familiar, but I can't place him. But anyway, he told me he was taking Coles Dude home, as my penis wasn't big enough for anything to happen between us. He said this after the second dude had a go at my bits, by the way. Okay, reality check. I'm no John Holmes (I do however have a "deep tight butt"), but my "endowment" isn't like, miniscule and worthy of a diss by a long shot. Stupid subconscious making fun of my wee-wee for no reason.

Hmm, that wasn't a very good dream at all. At least when I dream of Cheekbones, we usually get some hot macking happening, which is totally realistic and niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. But I hate him, so I don't care. I just want someone hot to mack on me now!

*fans self*

It's too hot today.