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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Rats. Cunting Cheekbones SMSed me (first time I've heard from him in months). Immediately I felt that icky butterfly feeling in my stomach. Weak, Dawei. WEAK. Anyhoo, he was all "hey stranger blahblah aren't I good lets catch up for lunch". Whatever! Uh, YOU'RE the one who ignored me for months, and even when I WAS seeing you during those last stages you were distant and vague and loserish. So get over yourself. Also, "lunch"? Lunch?! People only want to meet people over lunch as it's an hour max. It's like saying: oh, I wont waste my valuable time at night when I could be out having fun! I'll just meet you for stand up sushi in the food court of the cunting mall. That way I can get you out of the way, and my stomach will be nice and full when I meet up with the people I actually WANT to see tonight when actual fun happens!!!!

Boohoo you'd have to not see your boyfriend for a night. Or even a few hours later. I bet he was dumped, hence the contact. Cunt.

Dudes, I really need to get laid. I need something to hold over him! Ugh, why do I even care so much? It's because all my friends suck and I need someone to validate my existence of course. Stupid brains. Hello, where are all the hot people who share my cynical and cheeky sense of humour?