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Friday, January 03, 2003
Bah. I am, as we say in French, tres bored. I'm meant to be going to this ultratrendy bar tonight, but I have to wait for the friend I'm meeting up with first to call at like, 9.30pm. Yawn. Why should my social schedule be disrupted just because one of my cunting friends decides that he has to work until 9 on Fridays? Cunting Late Night Shopping. I am pretty excited though, as it's cocktails for this girl I haven't seen in AGES, and she is totally like a female me. We get along so well, even when we rarely see each other. It's just nice to know someone who you feel totally comfortable with. Unfortunately she is going out with the son of one of my Dad's work partners, so I am always a bit jumpy that some of my more embarrassing gossip will filter through to him. But she's all about the Passions and 7-11 Slurpees so I ignore that possibility.

But now I'm nervous. Rats. I think I just need to get laid. Preferably with a hung sweaty dirty Hobbit gay Elijah Dominic Monaghan fag LOTR type person. Sorry, just trying to direct more of that particular interest group my way through some of the more hilarious Google searches I get. What is the fascination with gay Hobbits? Is it because they are small and can burrow into small places with ease and vigour? Or is it more in the hope that the gay community may finally see a healthy gay couple in Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan? Why does Monaghan have "Trees" written on his hands? Because they've been in the Wood, per chance? Ew. I hope that he just scribbles them on, and they aren't tatoos.

*stares at phone* Hurry. UP.

PS -- If I run into my ColesCrush tonight I am throwing myself at him. But I wont sleep with him on the first night. I'm not a slut.