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Friday, January 24, 2003
I saw 8 Mile the other night. So good. Is it wrong to be a well-educated, "sexually alternative", upperclass male who is a "fan" of Eminem, a supposed homphobic misogynistic asshole? I can't help it! He just looks like he'd be a really good ride. And you see his ass in the movie. Sigh, I'm so easy. Okay, the character he plays is probably like a watered-down version of himself: if you saw the movie you'd want to fuck him too. He's protective and loving of his sister, who he treats like his daughter, he's protective of his fucked-up mother, and he has a gay friend/workmate who he stands up for in a wicked rap-battle thing! Plus, dark hair really suits him. Man I'm desperate to be boning up over Eminem.

That night though, I had a dream about a more "suitable" celebrity: Vin Diesel. Which is weird, because I have never seen any of his movies, and I don't really rate him on Dawei's Hot-o-Metre (okay, he's about a 6). But the dream was really vivid. We had just gotten over some virus that was spreading around the UQ campus (in fact I rubbed an emaciated Seth Green's back while he hurled into some bushes!). Vin thought he was getting sick again, so I gave him a hug and he kissed my cheek. So of course I immediately started macking on him.


Actually, in my dream I rubbed my... ahem... boner into his stomach straight away. That is a big move for me! In real life, I never do that. I always check the other person first to see if they are aroused first. I've gotten quite good at twisting my lower body this way and that, until my hand reaches and discovers hot throbbing manstaff. Either skin-to-skin contact or through their pants. Or better yet, just through some sexy underwear. Droooool.

Ack. I need a cold shower. Excuse me.