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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Status: Top of Dawei's LOVES list.

Ingredients: 2 shots Bacardi; mint sprigs; 1 1/2 tsp sugar; 1/2 a lime, quartered; ice; soda water.

Method: Put the mint sprigs and sugar in a glass. Squeeze the lime quarters and drop in rinds. Mash vigorously! Add icecubes and Bacardi. Shake and strain over ice. You can skip that for a more pond-y, peasant texture. Both are good! Top up with soda water, and drink by a tropical laguna with many semi clad a. muscle-ripped bohunks, or b. big-boobied nymphets.

Goddamn, they are so good. Two mates and I went through an entire bottle of Bacardi making them. In addition to that, we had a bottle of cheap-pleb red at a dinner of spicy-assed Thai. I was, shall we say, très shitfaced. It was all good though. One of my friends had an Orgazomotron, I used it. Often. It fucking rocks, it's hilarious. It's like this huge thin metal spider thing that scrapes down your scalp and encompasses your head, and you seriously do feel all orgasmic. It's brilliant. He, of course, has a stunning model-esque girlfriend, so what he needs with this device I do not know. I'm so pathetic I don't even have any masturbatory devices.


Anyway, as the formula goes: spicy Thai + cheap red + plethora of delicious cocktails = freaky trip dreams.

This one was mean though, as it was about Cute Coles Dude (recently bumped down to #3 on my LOVES list, asshole). Obviously aware of my annoyance with the MIA checkout-chick, my brain decided to make him totally ugly: an unfortunate shaved head, monobrow, and shorter stature featured. The crushing blow though? I had read all the signs wrong, and he was heterosexual, and dating the obese manager bitch! What a frightening thought! My gaydar be off? Him NOT liking me?!

The real trippy part of the dream though, was I was shopping in Coles with my hair artiste's hairwasher, who was going to dye my hair. We needed supplies like a kiddie swimming pool and a mop... but seeing as that part isn't about sex or any part of my life really, I shall just gloss over it I think. Probably it was the important part of the dream, but eh.