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Sunday, January 12, 2003
Seen: the big loser of Popstars 3, James Campbell (affectionately nick-named by yours truly at TWoP "Obviously Gay Dude") as a grinning extra in the Scooby Doo movie. Heeee. He mills around in the background for a bit, wearing a red tshirt and then makes a "shocked" face at a monster. Actually, it's more like he shakes his head and sort of points. A great actor he ain't.

Dear OGD: Please don't turn to that medium now that your music career died a swift death. Just come by my house and look pretty. All my love, Dawei.

You can't even really see him very clearly, but I would have recognised that gnarled fang smile and massive hair anywhere. Actually, he had a proper mullet! He must have sliced off the bottom four inches and stuck it onto his fringe before he auditioned for Popstars. In the deleted scenes thing (gotta love DVDs), his "big scene" is extended somewhat, and he can be seen walking into the room, clapping and grinning in his oh-so-special twisted fang way at Velma who is draped over the piano singing a love song to Daphne. Seriously, that's what it looks like! Those wacky lesbians obviously never miss subtext, and I will never doubt them again!

(In non-mocking fashion, I must point out that local actress, Queenie van de Zandt who featured in plays at La Boite Theatre had a scene cut as well, which is a shame, as she rocks. Michala Banas also had a little part, but I'm sure you'd rather read about her in Always Greener, non?)

Scooby Doo was generally fairly decent though. Maybe I'm just a huge dork, but it was satisfying to see Queensland locations on the bigscreen. And they shot a scene (the opening bit) about five minutes from my house! Rats! I could have stalked Sarah Michelle Gellar... or Pamela Anderson. Hm, actually, my love for Sarah died when she made the biggest cringe-worthy moment in the Scooby Doo experience: in the cast commentary, she perked how Isla Fischer is this "absolutely huge star in Australia". Uhm, not. Because she was in Homos and Gays? Hardly. Shut up Sarah.

In other news, you know that new Dominos ad? With all the dots? Where they play Twister? You know that guy who mixes up the phat beats on the mixer and waves his hands?


Stupid fetish for tall strapping dark haired men.