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Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Angus Smallwood: (introducing the players) Welcome to the Pick Your Face Kitchen and I have no reason to be wearing this hat (referring to a Viking helmet with horns)!

*gallops up to young girl*

Dawei: Swoon.

Here is a poem:

A is for the Answers you oft give.
N is for the sweet Nothings you will say.
G is for the Giggling I always do.
U is for the Ugly shirts you wear...
but I don't care, as
S is for the Sex we will soon have.

The little cunt who won today was like, ├╝ber-annoying though. Like, pumping his fist and hollering when he won games? What a fucking turd! I wanted to spear-tackle him and then stuff him one of the flaccid-phallic noses.

Ahem, speaking of little kids, Which Gay Sex Position Are You?. Apparently I'm Eating Ass! Gross! I tried to cheat by changing my answers to get something less... poo-y, but all I ended up with after that was Leather Top. Get real, those things chafe. And all I've worn is pleather! Imagine what real leather garments would do! Matthew Kopp-esque blistering sores, that's what!

I am . . . "EATING A**"

Quiz by William Ted