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Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Break out the celebratory vodka-infused champagne! The Cute Coles Dude and I indulged in some verbal intercourse while he scanned my basket. For the slower people: he checked out my bulge while he swiped the goods I purchased. Hurrah!

Dudes, I was in fine form. I was making him all giggly and amusing him with my witty antics. Plus I already told him that Cheekbones was a "cunt", and he didn't freak out at the use of the c-word. Immediate props for that. The bad news is that he was out on Friday night, only he was in another section! Blast! Why didn't I scope back there? I only thought there were pokie machines. I could have got a slice of shop-boy ass this weekend.

Other than that though, I'm giving myself highfive!s for being so witty and charismatic. He said that for the various dress-up things I'm going to this week, he could see me as a sailor. Hmm, that's a good thing, right? I take it he means a pornstar hot young blond sailor? Not like, a hideous pirate? (hi-5's Pirate Puffypants, much? Although I could always use Tim's bulge to make it even more appealing! PS, Tim dude, I'm sure "Feel the Beat" is one of your favourites, but is that really appropriate for five year olds? Are you like, a priest or something?)

And then when we were wrapping up, he said that we should "have a dance" sometime. The fuck? Is that a euphemism for boneage? If so: meep. If not, maybe he's an e-head raver which is pretty much ick. That would be more loathesome than his use of the word "sloshed". But anyway, I think I faux pas-ed, as I said that he can buy a drink, as I'm "so broke at the moment". That was my Gold Mastercard's cue to be brought out for payment. Dammit! So hopefully he didn't think it was some cheap come-on line (which it totally was, but still. That was my one graceless moment!)

Overall: whee! Hopefully I might have sex again! I'm going to be such a bad lay. hmmph.

PS: Anyone have ideas for what I can dress up as for the Superheroes Ball? Nothing spandexy, except in the top department thanks!

PPS: for Ms Hairy Legs: I know you love Joe Millionaire, so flip your bead over his "underwear" photos!