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Friday, February 07, 2003
Freshly washed sexy undies are drying to a toasty warm. Juicy, bright green limes are bought. Fresh mint is picked. Soda water is on ice. Dawei is going fagging tonight, baby!

I should watch out though, after a few days of nerves I'm suddenly filled with a good feeling. I saw ColesDude again today, swipin' those products like a pro, so I took that as a good sign. Not only might he come out tonight, but it means that he hasn't quit, so even if I don't see him out, flirting may continue in the future! Hurrah! I wish his line wasn't so busy though. I would have sashayed up to him, and asked him how "my favourite fruit is today" while subtly rolling and caressing the limes between the palm of my hand like great juicy testicles.

Whenever I get excited about going out though, it inevitably is a shit night, so I'll remain doubtful. Especially because cunting Cheekbones is sounding trés homofied and full-of-himself (I'm going to be a model! I'm society's king!). Lame. And plus the general cuntiness of judgmental fags is never anything to get excited over. I'll just get totally trashed so I wont care.

And hopefully I'll "bag" a hot Coles checkout dude. Geddit? I'm hilarious. Not.