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Friday, February 28, 2003
Okay, so ColesDude is an aspiring actor. Not only that, but an aspiring musical actor! Singing, dancing, Broadway-style! Christ. He's probably all bubbly and perky. GROSS.And he's already completed his degree in Performing Arts, so he's OLD. Okay, but he'd have to be at least 24. Not that it really matters, as he so didn't pick up on my hints today. Well, maybe he did and he just ignored them. Hmmph, stupid dumbass. Although, he told me it was nice to see a familiar face. Ooh, and I said that it was pretty busy, he said that he will have to "slow down now though". I'm taking that to mean so he can talk to me for a while! Whee!

And he didn't know my name before, but today he looked at the name on my chargecard and said "talk to you later, [Dawei]", and then my pants said "please unzip me, there is no room for this rapidly expanding cock". I knew he wasn't doing anything tonight, so why didn't I just say "come out drinking tonight!"? Because I'm a pansy-assed faggot, that's why.

NEXT TIME HE WILL BE MINE. But hopefully tomorrow night some us will blow off this party and stalk him through the Valley so I can blow him off.