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Monday, April 07, 2003
Billy Ray Cyrus.

Starring in a TV show.


Has this guy done anything since Achey Breakey Heart? How much cock did he have to suck in order to get his own show, let alone a new album? And dude, really, please cut off your mullet already. Why do women always swoon over him? He has a fucking mullet, people! And gross facial hair I would only expect leather bears wearing only chaps and a cockring to grow.

When that seems bad enough, he is playing a good-natured (and of course brilliant) doctor from Hicksville, who comes to New York City and teaches those uptight and bitter Manhattan doctors about patient care and the "real meaning of medicine". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's called Doc, and it sucks ass. Imagine Strong Medicine, Channel 10's last show in the 1.30-2.30 slot, and multiply its badness by twenty. That's how much arse it sucks.

What's with the dodgy programming, 10? Get with it! Beauty and the Beast was pretty terrible, but at least we got to see D-grade Australian "celebrities" duke it out with glasses of water and verbal-bitchslapping. What am I supposed to do during the day now? Study? HA! There is noone hot in my tutes, so I have no reason to succeed.

I think I'll just go and practise my signiture some more.