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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Some days I really wish I was retarded. Take today, for instance. I was in this shopping centre, attempting to go up a level to get to my car. Anyway, the path to the escalator was blocked by this autistic woman and her vet... I mean handler. She slowly limped onto the bottom of the escalator, and sort of stumbled, as she had put her foot on the crease where the stair-platforms rise. Anyway, she tripped back a step and caught her balance. But then she proceeded to whoop and holler and laughed as she went on the journey up to the next level of the shopping centre. There was like, joy shining in her eyes! My first reaction was "oh, BARF!", but then I felt a bit bad, even jealous, as maybe I would be happier if I was a 'tard, who could extract happiness from something mundane as a trip up an escalator.

But then I snapped out of it, and did some shopping, and I was back to my usual self. Hurrah! However, the shopping part of my day brought an annoyance. I was walking past a bottle shop, when I looked in the window to see this really cute guy talking on the phone. His back was to the window, but his shirt was fitted to his body (it was lavender, so I'm assuming he's homofied), and he had spunky short hair. I do a walk-by, and then turn around and go in to "check prices on bottles of Malibu". Anyway, I slid him a look, and his face was grotesque! So annoying. His body was wasted on that face. Anyway, I hauled my ass outta there, muttering bitter curses.

I have noticed that many ugly people try to make their body look good, in order to deceive the potential fuckbuddy that the product he or she will be receiving is quality merchandise. If you look at someone who has an obviously well-manicured musculature, chances are they are reptilian. Or totally 'tarded, personality wise. I guess it just depends if you are a body person, or a face person. I'm living by the idea that if the person has an attractive face, they usually have a decent enough body. But then again, I'm not as shallow as your typical faggot.

Hmmph. I bet if I was a 'tard, someone would at least give me a pity fuck.

PS -- longish, limp hair, blowdried straight and set into a slight wave, with the fringe curving off the forehead on a man? Is hideous. Stop it. Especially the lame poofs who work in "funky" clothes stores. You are not "sick". You look like an unoriginal ass.