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Sunday, April 20, 2003
VoilĂ  (go me with the French! See, it isn't a waste of a major)! My new favourite website. And for all those wacky homos out there, the gay equivalent.

Bwah! I could spend hours going through all the posts. Actually, I could probably write a huge-ass essay on the psychological aspects of pack-mentality and our desire to fit in and be accepted blahblah exclusive-pack-rejection-acceptance-psychology-cakes. I won't, because that would be totally boring. I just like looking for the uglies that seriously think they should be included, without a hint of irony or self-humour about them. I mean, really. The fuck?! Actually, that last one is a shoutout to Sam, as he thinks he's hot. Please. boimodel? Spare me. If it's your inapproriate occupational designation, it's your use of the word "boi". Meh, he looks like the kind of guy who will end up in the local AIDS clinic in a couple of years anyway, so I may as well let him continue with the fantasy that he is in any way "hot".

I would be lying though, if I said I wasn't curious about moi being accepted. But then I realise that they all have LiveJournals, which is just lame, man! Maybe I should submit this though. It got drawn at this club when I was talking to my friend. I know, what kind of shite club hires a cartoonist? The club in question is always trying to be "up there" in the "sick" department. I think they slightly overshot the margin, donchathink?

At any rate, in case you couldn't tell, I'm being sarcastic. I do not look anything like that!! I don't have a button nose, my eyes are moreHolly-Valance-non-Asian-but-still-exotic-slitty, and my hair, while sometimes having psycho curls and kinks happening, does not look like a fucking cauliflower. And I'm not that manorexic. No wonder it was a fucking free drawing.

Or maybe I'm in denial, and I'm just a total fugmo. Maybe I should be accepting all those offers from heinous creatures like boimodel who want to get nasty in urine and cum stained alleys and bathrooms. I may as well be in something, right? However, I'm sure getting "in" would hardly be an exclusive thing, and where is the cache value in that? Being able to stretch someone's anal sphincter a couple of inches with my thumb and index finger is hardly the kind of club I want to join. Maybe there is an exclusive sewing or Thai cooking club at uni that I can join.