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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Ferry ride to uni: $1.20
Plate of heinous chips: $3.00
Jug of beer: $6.00
20 straight minutes of pants-wettage over stories about fisting including fist-in-hole-experiments: Priceless.

I had a rather tidy lunch with Cheekbones today. He's still a self-absorbed, clich├Ęd, stereotyped tool, but it was nice to be able to drink excessively, smoke a bit, and talk about penises without getting a "Oh, DAAAAAAAVE!" remark from someone. It's such a shame that he's morphed away from being relaxed and snarky, and now he is all self-obsessed and stereotypical. I mean, going to the gym? Demonstrating to me how his pecs bounce (like that's a good thing?)? Frequent drug use (memo to Cheekbones: needing "just a shot of crystal meth" to help you get through a late work shift isn't particularly healthy. Loser.)? And he was wearing denim shorts... with Birkenstocks!!!! If only he sweeped in with an umbrella to prevent melanoma, and had styled his hair in an Oprah-like fashion, he would have covered a lot of my aesthetic HATES bases!

But anyway, when I steered conversation away from himself, we had a good time. And if Saturday night's not-a-fix-up-just-getting-you-to-come-to-a-dinner-party-where-I-know-noone-but-a-gay-person-is-going-so-of-course-you-will-get-on totally blows ass (and not in the good way, ahem), he said we might go out or something. Meh.

And dudes, he's so not hot. What was I thinking?