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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I was pretty impressed with myself, because today was the first day in months when I forgot to go down to Coles to see ColesDude, as part of my Wednesday-morning-check-to-see-if-he's-back-to-his-old-schedule-yet routine. Hurrah! Of course, I bet today was the day he decided to go back to work, only to walk out and quit forever to screw some hot dude who walked through his aisle in the alley behind Coles, in between the meat delivery van (apt, I know) and the flower shop.

Fucking cunt.

I don't think my system is totally cleansed of him yet, as when I was lunching with Mum, and saw it was 1.45pm and remembered the whole ColesDude thing, and how I wouldn't be able to make it down there before the 2pm shift-swap, I had heart palpatations and nearly inhaled my straw.

Stupid men. Don't start me on fucking Cheekbones, who rang me up out of the blue on Monday morning (I mean at like, 1am). He demanded to know where I was, as he thought I should be at this fucking faggot club, making a stereotype of myself shaking my lycra-clad ass on the dancefloor wearing a silver glitter top and knee-high go-go boots.

Anyway, apparently I'm an evil person and a bad friend for not calling him back when he called me at 2.45am a month ago stoned off his minute testicles. Whatever. Men suck. The next one who pisses me off is copping a mouth full of turd, when I shit on them while they are licking out my taut ass.