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Thursday, May 15, 2003
So yeah, HotTight'n'ShortWhiteShorted Tennis Coach, is HOT. And I talked to him yesterday! Normally he plays on the opposite court from me, but I used my wiley ways in order to chat and determine his state of homoness. Okay, that didn't so much happen, as much as he smacked me in the face with a tennis ball and came trotting up to apologise. Apparently he and my coach have some little game where they try to teabag each other when they are standing on different courts. (Geddit? Teabagging? Testicles dunking on someone's face? Getting dunked on the head with a tennis ball? Sorry, gay joke. Moving along).

So anyway, I was up on the tower thing, watching a singles game on my off-rotation, and this ball just flies out of nowhere and bitchslaps me! It was lucky I didn't fall off the fucking chair thing and impale my scrotum on the net-winding-wench thing below, really. Anyway, everyone started pissing themselves as I bimboed out a bit with the "huh? Oh. A ball. Ha ha."

But then it paid off, as he came up to me apologising for it and stuff! His voice is a bit fag-esque, kinda high and soft. Though not really particularly fag-esque. And I think his name is "Joey", but I'm not sure.

Soft questionable voice + gay name + hot tight short white tennis shorts = a 7.67 on Dawei's NevaFail Homo-o-Mometer. If I find out what underwear he wears, I could easily bump that estimate to a nine.

However, he is kinda short. I'm not hugely tall or anything, but generally I like my men to be a bit taller than me. Please do not deduce any psychological reasons for why that may be. But mmm, sarcastic features, dark hair, and piercing pale-ish eyes. Mmm.

Of course, I don't really think I'm in the circumstances to be picky, but eh. Who would Dawei be without ridiculous standards and obsessive nit-picking?