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Saturday, June 07, 2003
I was at the airport this morning, waving off my parents on their whirl-wind tour of Europe. Bitches. And somehow they managed to score first-class airfare. They get beds, people! And tablecloths! and Clinique moisturiser! Fucking cunts. If I had agreed to go with them, that could have been me swanning around in first class. Like I'll ever have that opportunity again. I bet in their section is a really hot rich dude, looking for a piece of autistic-12-year-old-girl ass. Well, not literally, because ew.

But speaking of hot people, there are SO many in the International airport. Grrowf. And they are all lugging around their luggage shit and going off on adventures. It's quite depressing really. So not only do all hot men leave me, they also leave my country.

This usually would inspire me to find my own hot men as this evening I'm going a-faggin', but my spirits are somewhat dampened as a few days ago I butchered myself shaving, so I have a crusty black bit still lingering on my face. Ew. It's gone down a lot, but every-now-and-then it cracks when I smile/eat/laugh/move, oozing out blood and clear plasma. Gah. So I don't think I'll be getting any booty. I can just see it now: I go to blow someone, and I end up with at least three bodily fluids running down my face. Mmmm.

Positive news though: my friend's girlfriend is friend's with Limpy! Weird. Apparently they used to play squash together. When my friend saw the two of them talking at uni, he pulled her over and squeaked into her ear "that's Limpy!!!" and they giggled. It's nice to see my tumultuous love-life brings so much happiness to other people.

PS -- thanks to the bee-yotches at The Spin Starts Here, for sending over a couple of refer thingies my way. You have joined the exclusive group that is Google searches for "I felt his pee" and "cum stained briefs". Hurrah!