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Sunday, June 08, 2003
Mon dieu. Fags. Suck. And yeah, I could lamely pun that, but I'm so above toilet-humour.

Why does everything think that Cheekbones is so hot? Are retarded faggy vulture foetus features appealing in men these days? Whatever. I guess it's because he has biceps like woah now. Tsk, fags are so shallow. And yes, I'm totally jealous. I mean, how rude. I'm talking to this guy, and he suddenly says "so who's your hot friend?" What a fucking loser. Ok, he has biceps, but can you not see that icky poofy t-shirt and his dance moves consisting of a hip swivel and above head hand waveage? Cunt.

That was the most blatant one, but I'm sure everyone always compares us, and they gravitate towards him. Like moths to the flame, so to speak. I guess he must look easy, like he looks like a wet cum-rag. Oh that's right, he was! He never washed off the cum on his stomach, a hefty load delivered from his Greek, hairy-assed "boy"friend. He showed me the flakes, people! Our friendship is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

I guess I can't complain. I got a few "just letting you know, I think you're really cute"s, and "I was just wondering if you're here with anyone?"s... but they like, said it and left straight away! Without even offering me a sip from their cold beverages or feeling my dick through my pants! What kind of slutty homos are they?

Things got a bit weird when I was talking to this guy, who actually seemed interested in me on an emotional level. Gross. Dawei doesn't do emotion. He took me outside to talk as the music was so loud, but I had nothing to say. I felt a bit bad really. I said I was studying communications, and I could barely string two sentences together. I really don't think I can hold a conversation well. I can babble, but that's about it. What exactly do you talk about with a Study in Religions post-grad student vegetarian Buddhist, when you're a drifter looking for a fuck and a cheeseburger? But he gave me his number. Eek. I suppose he was kind of cute in a bloated hairy way, and his friend is Cheekbone's new faghag, I'm sure. They said I looked like a Calvin Klein model when I wore his glasses. Hmph. So when I hide my face, I'm a lot hotter. That's good to know.

Overall, a very good night was had. Hanging out with the Gays does have its advantages. Cheekbones and I can still snark up a storm (except when he and his roomie quote Will and Grace, Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion and Ab-Fab ad nauseam. Seriously, could you be gayer? Cheekbones even bought the Queer as Folk CD! Bwa!). And we watched gay porn on DVD which was hilarious. And somewhat frightening.

Ah, good times.