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Sunday, June 15, 2003
Oh, God, kill me. I cried this evening when Jo was evicted from Big Brother!!!

Okay, it wasn't so much that she was evicted, but more so her massive percentage of votes (seriously, the fuck? Did like, twenty people vote?), and the vitriol that was spewed at her from the crowd. Maybe I am just really clueless, but I saw nothing wrong with what Jo did to warrant "Bitch!" and "Slut!" screamed out at her while she was onstage.

Seriously, I want to know: why do people hate Jo so much? It can't be purely the jealously thing, can it? Sure, she flirted a bit, but who doesn't? And dudes, drunken footage so doesn't count! I would hate to have a camera follow me around when I'm off my face for all the crap I say and do. It's not her fault that all the boys swooned after her. If anything, Saxon and Vincent should be booted for their ridiculous stupidity and lameness. Looking back on it, I can't even really recall when Jo obviously... I don't know, encouraged their "love". I suppose people are going to say that by not firmly telling them off she was encouraging it and loved the attention, but I find that attitude so implausible. Not only would that make the house's environment inhospitable, but her (low, I'm guessing) self-esteem was buoyed by their affection. And what's wrong with that? EVERYONE DOES IT! Don't most people hang around with people who make them feel good and better about themselves? It's only natural, especially in the unnatural environment that is the Big Brother house, that Jo would want this.

But it's still Vincent and (especially) Saxon's fault for being stupid. God, what a pair of dumbasses. (However, I do agree with Gretel that Patrick was in a class of his own. If people want to scorn Jo for being a slut, they should look in his direction, not at stupid retardo-Saxon's fugly nasal visage). Gah! I guess people are just jealous that she cockteases better than they do. I give Jo two HighFives! from Dawei for Cockteasing Excellence, and I suggest that if she ever searches for her name *coughMatthewKoppcough* *coughJames"ObviouslyGayDudeCampbellcough* and stumbles upon this site, a night in the Vegas full of mojitos and hours of a-cockteasin' is in order.

However, props to Gretel for handling her well. I was a bit worried that Gretel would rake into her, but I'm glad that she was supportive over an obviously distressed Jo. (PS, is Gretel pregnant? Her jugs were all over the place, and she was wearing one of those bunchy-tie-at-the-waist dresses... hmm!).

I guess I'm just disappointed in the general public for not looking for psychological motivations, and voting purely on face-value alone. Is that too much to ask? Hello? Hello? Are people still reading? Are they bored from Big Brother blather?

I hope not, because a quick comment on my new favourite TV show is in order:

Dear Phil and Amity and especially Amity from The Block,

Painting the walls white, and throwing a tea tray over a bed isn't exactly "French Provincial", you pretentious twats. And don't think I'm letting you off lightly in your attempt at "glamour" by sticky-taping a string of fake pearls to the rim of the lampshade: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Please rent 8 Femmes for tips on decorating for that authentic "French" feel. Not that you'll ever be able to afford it, no matter how many shitty country songs Amity whines on. You. SUCK.

Kisses, Dawei.

PS -- you are both ugly and smell like poo.