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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Argh! I have cancer hair! I don't understand it! Normally my hair artiste is excellent, but today she seems to have forgotten to cut a bit at the front. I have this massive thing jutting out at the front! I look like Tin Tin in that Very Special edition where he contracts AIDS from Captain Haddock. I'm just glad I decided not to get it dyed as well. Crap natural colour + crap cut is preferable to crap faux colour + crap cut, right?

I might be reacting prematurely though; everyone knows that hair doesn't peak from between five to nine days, post-cut. Maybe it'll flatten out or something, and I wont look like a five year old. Hmph. Anyway, that's no comfort to me, as I'm seeing Hot (Straight) Canadian Dude on Saturday night! And if I get him drunk enough to go gay-for-a-day, somehow I don't think he'll want to get jiggy with someone who has the body of an autistic twelve year old girl, with hair looking like they are two weeks out of leukemia treatments.

Well, if he's going to be that shallow, I don't think he's worthy of my bone. I hate shallow people.