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Monday, August 11, 2003
Hmm, there has been a lack of postage of late, hasn't there? Normally I'd bitch about how boring my life is, causing the dearth, but actually it's quite exciting at the moment! Well, it's exciting because a good friend of mine is currently staying with me, but I haven't written anything as I'm too embarrassed for him to see me actually posting on a blog! Nerd alert! This of course doesn't imply that all those blogs I read are written by losers, y'all. I find you all witty and entertaining. Ahem. Moving right along.

(But he's out looking for a job, or humping or something, so I took the opportunity to bash out a quick post. Consider yourselves thankful.)

But yeah, it's been awesome having him around, and I haven't degraded myself too badly in front of him. Except on the first night, which involved a tight fit in a single bed, an erection, and a mother stomping up and down the hall threatening to bust in.


He's a much better fag than the losers I do fashion with at uni. I have been too embarrassed to go to the lectures for the past week, so today was my first one. I was expecting all these homos to be there with their fluffy pink feather pens, murmuring in agreement about the art of high-fashion, and how Chanel is such an innovative couturier or some shit. But there are hardly any fags there at all! In fact, there is only one really obviously homofied dude there. He had a streaked blond mullet, was rail thin, and was wearing those hideous Überfag sunglasses (with the clearish glass and no frames). In other words, he looked like a crusty cum-rag. Gag.

What's the point of doing fashion at fucking uni if there aren't going to be people there who I can stick my penis in? There are more eligibles in fucking Engineering. Actually, Human Movements offer the best selection of possible bone buddies. I mean, they are all just future PE teachers so obviously a long-term commitment is out of the question, but bulge revealing straight dudes are alright by me.