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Friday, September 26, 2003
The Amazing Race, my second favourite TV show (Neighbours still strongly holds down the top spot), ended its season this week. It was totally awesome, except the lame fags won as opposed to the bitchy, cunty couple who were far cooler. Although Chip had the BIGGEST bulge. Seriously, it was rather sizeable. Even you het-men (I think maybe one reads this. Wassup, Jonas?) would be impressed, and would want to snuggle up and pat it and talk to it. I just spent fifteen minutes trying to find a screencap, it was that amusing. Oh well, just imagine he had stuffed a grapefruit down his underwear.

I think that we should rally for an Australian version to be made. I, of course, would totally suck due to my limited travel (hopefully not come the end of the year though, if my European Blitzage comes off). That's why no one would be my partner, hmph. Everyone is so selfish. But I'm taking early applications, so if you want to whoop it up with Dawei, drop me a line!

Speaking of whooping it up with Dawei, tomorrow is my 21st. Christ. I feel so old. And I have no job, no sign of finishing uni in the near future... great life! Eh, who cares? Tonight is reserved for getting shitfaced. I'll think about the future later. And Mum gave me the use of a card again, to buy something for tonight, so that always puts me in a good mood. But yeah, sugar daddies, send your presents now please.