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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Can cunting Lisa McCune please fuck off and die already? Exactly why is she relevant anymore? Why would Coles hire her to do all their ads? And they aren't even good ads! They're those shite-arsed "ho-ho-ho-good-natured-fun" ads which make me gag. I'd probably enjoy them a lot more if in the "fresh produce" ad, Lisa sidles up to the sweet potato aisle, snags a large specimen, and slyly slides it into her basket. Then she could raise her eyebrow at the dude who works in the veg department, and he could give her a knowing smirk. Who cares about the fucking truck, or the fact that she can't lift her basket? Bah!

Hmm, any other news in the Dawei world? Everything is rather dull at the moment. A semi-cute guy played netball last night, but we were both keepers, so we were always at opposite ends of the field. Any dodgy body check 'n' grope moves were impossible to orchestrate. Man, what's with this netball shite? I expected fit guys all the way. Do you think I would really pay ten bucks a session just to like, exercise? Ha! And when I bitch about the lack of eyecandy, all my friends are all "Dawei! You're doing this for your health!" Sheesh. How unsupportive.

Oh, and for the people who searched Google for "Delta Goodrem and Belinda Emmett", I think you can find them here.