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Saturday, September 27, 2003
Go Dawei, it's your birthday, I'm gonna party coz it's my birthday.

Yawn. Sorry, but it had to be said. It would have rocked if they had played a bit of 50 Cent in the clubs last night, but I was totally denied. In Da Club is an awesome song to grind to.

But yes, today is the 21st anniversary of me shooting out of my mother's cunt! Hurrah! I had a pretty wicked night out last night, totally hammered of course. It was a bit lame though. Me and two friends ducked into a SEX CLUB to laugh at the vile homos and ommigawd... that was some scary shit. I'd totally eat a bullet if the only way I could get laid was to go to one of those vile places. There were like, steel construction drums littered around the place and shelled out cars parked inside which you could bone in. How classy. I got a photo of me straddling on a well-cummed on motorcycle in some random room, which was amusing. Well, the fact that I probably contracted AIDS by breathing in the air there was probably a down side.

(I think I squeezed someone's arse, but that's highly embarrassing, so we'll gloss over that shall we?)

Then we were at some hip hop club, and scored some pot. I totally busted my drug taking cherry last night. I think I need to do more or something, I can't remember going all giggly and shit. It was amusing though, because we ended up doing it with my next door neighbour, who I've never talked to before in my life. And he's like, forty, and had a pipe thing in his fishing box! How embarrassing for him.

And now I'm off to watch the footy, and then going out and getting flogged again tonight! Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, sports... I'm like, totally butch!