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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Ladies and gentlemen: Nikki Webster. Cum guzzling slut.

Do you reckon that her beef curtains have been busted apart yet? My vote is "yes". I mean, she's been giving her manager head since she was ten. You'd think that being his daughter would be enough, but it would seem that a little "extra incentive" was required to get those choice tunes pumped out (obviously at a proportionate rate to how skillfully she pumped cum from his quivering shaft).

I do feel sorry for her though. Well, a little bit. She is, after all, a redhead. Can you imagine having red pubes? Ick! I guess she waxes (like all good redheads should). I mean, having a bald cuntlet is obviously going to be the main draw card for the paedos. And really, who else is going to watch her fellate the microphone and cavort around in those sparkly silver vadge-pants?

In conclusion: she's a twat. I think I will add her to my list of whom Dawei Desires Debaucherous Dirt (currently the list only has two members: Search for a Supermodel's Matthew Kopp, and Popstars' James "Obviously Gay Dude" Campbell). Basically, if you fuck them (preferably in the arse for the reality TV rejects), or get them in a compromising position, let me know! I'll give you a shout-out. Let's unite in our shit-slinging!