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Friday, November 07, 2003
I'm going to call on all the fans of Dawei's House of Debauchery and Bee-yotching to campaign for my inclusion in the Australian version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Unfortunately I don't really have any credentials or style-guru-ness (other than stylishly snarking on reality TV rejects and pointing out Ian Thorpe's total lack of bulge in his latest underwear "spread"). But seeing as most faggots are totally bilious, I really doubt they can do better. So come on guys, send those letters singing my praises in to Channel 10! And help me think of like, a talent that I could bring to the show.

Knowing me I'd probably end up stealing the straight guy's beer out of the fridge I was meant to be decorating, get drunk, and shag one of the other 'mos in his bathroom. Or the straight guy himself. At least then my humiliating sexual disasters would be broadcast nationally, I guess. It's getting boring just being a tragic laughing stock here in Brisbane!

Oh, and nice lipstick, Thorpe. It really compliments your FagFace. Cocksucker.