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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
I'm having a really good day today. Well, so far. I'm sure something shitty will soon happen, throwing me into another bitchy mood for a few days. But while I'm in high spirits I will enjoy them. And I suggest you do too!

I'm finally finished cunting uni for the year, after handing in this morning an atrocious paper on the meanings of retro fashion and decay in society, gag. What a lame subject choice. I didn't even get a fuck out of it. What's the point of studying fashion if there are no 'mos that put out?

And my hair is looking scorching hot today, as is the rest of me. I'm full of self-confidence today. And I confirmed my European traveling thing, so I'm definitely going. Woo, I'm finally blowing this shithole. Which I guess is a bit scary, but I'm sure I'll bitch and whine endlessly about that later. But Prague for Christmas should be awesome. However, I've never been to like, the Soviet Union before, and I'm worried they'll mistake me for a Jew. Or is that a Communist? Capitalist? Who do they hate? Bolsheviks? Whatever, I study, like, fashion! I'm not expected to be well-educated on modern politics and current events. But anyway, I'm worried I'll get mistaken for something and get thrown into a concentration camp with all the Anne Franks. God, how grim that would be! I wouldn't even be able to eat a bacon sandwich if I got peckish. And my asthma would probably play up with all the ashed people floating about through the air.

I would have to make things hard for myself by going to the Slovak bloc. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so independent and hard-arsed, because then I could do a lame Contiki trip and be satisfied. Stupid superiorness.