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Friday, December 19, 2003
Hey homeboys and fly-girls, Im here rocking an Internet cafe in Old Town, Z├╝rich. The accents are easy to type here, but I cant find the stupid exclamation point. Dumb country.

Not much has been happening, I guess, this city isnt overly interesting. Well, its pretty, but freezing. What does a tourist usually do? I may hit up a few galleries and museams soon, but sheesh. Maybe I should have thought of this before I milked my parents for money. Plus, the people in my hostel are so fucking rude. Its pretty dead, and the ones Ive seen wont even offer a smile or a 'hey'. Cunts. They can go fuck themselves. Ive met a few really nice Swiss girls in bars, which is nice, but I dont think Im very good at heading into bars by myself and chilling. Especially when everyone here speaks stupid German. I thought that at least SOME of them would be all Englishy. And my German smells like wet-ass as well, so I can just tell that everyone snickers at me when I attempt to order a 'bier' at the bar.

Maybe I need to find a few gay places around here. Theyd surely dig my Aussie style and sass. Not that Im particularly enthused about going them. I HATE doing it on my own, I need backup support. Plus, my not-herpes are still a bit annoying.

You'll be glad to know that my asshole is MUCH better now, and I can wipe my arse without wincing. I think I scraped off two weeks of shit this morning. I feel so refreshed.