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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Ack, I feel like shit. I'm in Amsterdam, and I have this shitty cold thing that I've been carrying around since Rome. I'm constantly hacking up phlegm which tastes not dissimilar to faecal matter, and I just feel crap. I probably picked it from one of those dirty Italian cunts. Well, not from an actual Italian cunt. Wog cunt is the worst cunt of all. But anyway, I'm feeling quite low and lacking of the life juice at the moment, so I need to surround myself with energetic people who will distract me from my woes. Of course, this being fucking Amsterdam, I'm in the worst possible place for that. Everyone in my hostel wakes up, has breakfast, reaches for the pot, and then chills all day. If they talk, it's about pot. If they get food, they go out for a bag of chips and mushrooms. Zzzzzzz. I don't mind the trying of the pot, being in Amsterdam and all, but seriously, spending all day doing it is pretty yawnsome. You don't see fucking Dutch people baked all day. You walk into those "coffee shops", and all you can hear is dumb English being spoken.

I'd probably care less if I wasn't feeling so shit, and I'd go out and make my own fun as I've been doing in every other city if I'm bored, but I seriously can't be arsed. I'm heading back to London on Thursday for what I think is a much needed break. Fucking hell, I will have visited 10 countries!!!! Well, Vatican City is a country, isn't it? And I'm going to Monaco with a friend in a couple of weeks, so that will be 11 countries! Bloody hell. But yeah, fucking London will be excellent. Finally get some proper Diet Coke happening, none of this Coca-Cola Light shit you get on the main continent which tastes like cum.

Sorry I haven't updated much lately. Mostly I've been pretty busy. Funny to think that back in BrisVegas if I got a shag a massive post was warranted, while here I've had many and I haven't commented on one! Maybe I'm finally maturing?

Pfft, fuck that.

Oh, by the way, did I win any of those award-y things I was nominated for? I should have whored myself out more for votes! Meanwhile, do NOT vote for the John Howard blog (and not for the Bloggies either. Hmph, why wasn't I nominated in that one?). Bitch's head is big enough.