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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Hey assholes, what up? I've ended the first leg of my European Adventures, and am comfortably (ass)holed up in a friend's place in sunny London. Of course, this being London it's not sunny at all, but you get the idea. Actually, right now a big fucking fuck-off snowstorm is currently ripping through the city. It's crazy! How come it took this long for snow to fall on me? Bloody hell, if I'm going to be freezing in Northern/Eastern/Central Europe, I may as well get rewarded for it and have the opportunity to catch sodding snow flakes on my cunting eyelashes. Christ, I'm a homo. But I want to have a snowball fight with my friend, but he's fucked off to the theatre with his parents. Hmph.

I feel sort of strange though... I have like, nothing to bitch about. I feel perversely empty. How disappointing! I mean, I could mock the lame homo I met in Switzerland who was planning on getting married (they can do loser weddings in Switzerland apparently) to his "long time" partner (together six months) in the near future. But that was so long ago. Sigh. Could I actually be somewhat missing my lame BrisVegan life, and in being away I have realised that I actually LIKE life beating me about the head and making me feel like crap so I can, in the end, derive enjoyment and pleasure from it? Does this make me, like, a masochist or something? Should I start wearing leather cockrings and plastic vacuum suits (to understand this, I think you have to go to both Sex Museums in Prage and Amsterdam. See, Mum, I did go to cultural museum-y things!) I did fuck a Swedish dude with a lip ring in Vienna so I guess I'm half-way there.