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Thursday, February 26, 2004
I had a brainwave the other night when I couldn't sleep. I think when I get back to Australia, I'm going to quit with the butt-slutting, and attempt, like, a relationship of some normal variety. What do you guys think? I think I'm bored of the random sexual conquest. My last one was in a fucking toilet five minutes after I met some loser Maltese wanker, could I be more of a stereotype? And plus, it's so easy for me to hook in. I mean, faggots seem to love my boyish good looks. I guess it's because most of them are paedos.

Seeing as anyone who comes into contact with me for more than an hour or two seems to end up despising me (well, all the poofs I know are like that, it's happened with every cunting one! Only dumbass Cheekbones got over it and now we are quite good mates), attempting something more... lasting would probably be more challenging and exciting. Well, not exciting. Scary, I guess. I'd have to, like, make conversation with them and stuff and kiss them on the lips. Gross. But then I wouldn't get laid at all, because if I reserved my hot semen for only the TRULY worthy (sarcastic, smokin' hot, and well-off), I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find that in stupid Brisbane. But then on the other hand, I can't be EuroSlut!Dawei in Brisbane, because I have enough of a reputation as it is. Brisbane is ace, but fucking hell the fucking faggots there can gossip. Well, I think that's the fault of the aforementioned Cheekbones who seems to delight in spreading rumours about me, so when he introduces me to people they are all "oooooh... Dawei.... heh heh heh", and I'm all "*eyeroll* shove it up your arse, pansy". Hmph. I hate well-connected-to-the-gay-scene homos.

Hmm, I can't really see myself in a stable relationship though. Sober sex?!?! Meeting someone's parents? The fuck?