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Monday, February 23, 2004
Well, what do you expect?!?! I DID get kicked out of my accomodation in London, but do I get any sympathy? NO. All I get it bitching from my so-called "loyal" fans. Hmph. I'm stealing a moment to update when I should be enrolling in my uni courses, so count yourselves lucky, cunts. Bah.

I must be quite heinous, the other people I was staying with in London don't want me to stay either, and I shagged one of them. Please do not point out any links to why they would tell me to cunt off. Meh. I'm still rocking out in Europe, spent a week on the French coast with a friend from The Vegas which was wicked, and we actually stayed in a gay hotel. And we didn't even know it was until we got there, and we saw the gay pride flags fluttering in the breeze! They were nice though, and didn't mind my standard French. They gave me loads of free cordial at dinner too, yum. Not. But still. At least SOME people in this world are nice to me, even if they are faggots.