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Friday, April 30, 2004
Christ, I must be losing my pulling mojo.

So we went out to the Beat tonight (for those not in the know, the Beat is the grossest gay club in Brisbane and apparently has the second highest amount of drink-spiking in Australia). And anyway, while we were there, not one person hit on me, which must be some kind of fucking record. Even the old paedophilic guys who are usually all over me were steering clear. Not that I'd do anything with them, of course, but it would be nice to get a few ego-stroking compliments in, don't you think?

And when we were there, some obese drag queen dragged up "Mr Pretty" who was some random dude in the audience who had, I admit, a pretty fit body. But his face was totally busted. Anyway, they got Mr Pretty to pull down his pants and everyone saw his ass and cock. Little did they know that I had fucked Mr Pretty's boyfriend last year. It didn't make me anymore desirable though, hmph. I mean, he grabbed my ass a bit when we were dancing, but how unfair! Fucking Brisbane, where are all the fucking hot people?

I need to get out of this dump.