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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Dear Arrnott from Popstars Live: Everyone knew you were a virgin, so no one had to hear about it. Shut up, you big fat flaming fuck. Hopefully cholesterol will catch up with you before I see you in person. Kisses, Dawei.


In other news, I was shopping for clothes with my sister today (she's trying out a new "corporate trash" look which I am totally not buying, as it doesn't really compliment her alcoholism and potty-mouth) and she told me I was looking fat! What a fucking bitch. And as if she can talk, she has the biggest norks on the planet... they are even bigger than Rebecca's tatas from Passions. So now I'm all paranoid and shit. I don't want to get all obese (again). But maybe it was just that fucking mirror, because I don't really see how I can go from being beeyotched at for having jabby, pointy bones that cut into peoples' flesh to having a fucking fat bulge. Add the fucking bouffy-ass blond hair (which, thankfully, looks rather flat scorching today), and a rather frightening image in conjured. I'm disgusting.

I so need to do some situps.

Or, like, start smoking, which seems like a lot less effort. But I can't be arsed going down to the shops, argh. Stupid rain.

Hmm, nah, I think I'd rather actually work out. I need something to do! And then I could totally open up a can of kung-fu whoop-ass on that cunting army fuck who tried to challenge me to a duel at the fucking Beat. Dude, you so do NOT take on Dawei. Imagine me after learning how to like, do some Thai-style streetfighting or some shit. I definitely need a trainer, but my dumb personal funds are lacking at the moment, and my stupid parents are making me "ask" to use a credit card when I need one. What a fucking gyp. What if I'm out and about and I desperately need something? I'll have to like, come home, ask, go back, and by then the thing that I wish to purchase would probably be GONE. The next thing you know is that they'll be making me ride the fucking bus. Eurk.

What I need is some personal trainer-type friends who could train me into Badass!Dawei. Unfortunately, all my friends are totally selfish and are doing "careers". Wankers.