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Sunday, May 09, 2004
Well, that was quite possibly the most boring week ever. Sorry about that. I can't think of one thing that I did. Well, other than the usual routine of uni, study, Passions, Twisties, study, blah. Throw in a few beers higgelty-piggelty and you have my week. Oh, and a bit of shopping and lunching. So tedious. Y'all who have to, like, work for money don't know how good you have it.

Can someone help me find a job? The first task is to brainstorm some ideas of what I could actually do. I have, well, no experience. And it's not as if they can give me minimum wage, as I'm almost 22 (eek!). I almost considered applying for a job as a salesmen in a "gourmet nut shop" on James St, but then I was all "Dawei? Working with food? Ha!" and promptly terminated that idea. Sigh. Why is job-hunting so difficult?

What I want is a high-ish paying job that allows me to wear cool clothes, and possibly a telephone headset, or an identification badge hung around my neck. But not a telemarketer as I'm not retarded. Speaking of, I notice that the 'tards are now getting jobs in retail which is frightening. I don't want to have the goods I'm purchasing being manhandled by drooly, misshappen hands. Okay, this is happening at Coles, but it's kind of retail! Seriously, at my Coles, there is a midgit who is like, four feet tall, bald, and looks twelve. He's sort of a cross between Timmy from Passions and Australia's Favourite 'Tard, Quentin. Only I guess this guy at Coles has legs and stuff, and isn't merely a floating head in a jar. There's also a deaf chick, but I quite like her, so I wont get all up her for her 'tardishness. I know a bit of sign language, so I'm all "Hello!" and "Thank-you!" when she gives me back my credit card. Plus, the fact that she looks kind of normal and doesn't have hands like mangled aborted foetuses doesn't hurt. Christ, I'm getting soft.

Arrgh, what kind of job am I going to get?! Stupid Brisbane! We have no good jobs, and all the semi-decent ones go to people with "experience". What a crock. Is it my fault I (quelle horreur!) actually completed my high-school diploma? It's so unfair rewarding people just because they had the luxury of being able to work since they were 14.

So, anyone have any ideas (or better yet, Brisbane entrepreneurs, any job offers) for me? For all your kind help, I've decided to activate Ask Dawei, my new quasi-advice column! I mean, I may as well try to help a few people while I have all this free time, right? So give me a bell, write in some letters, put your heads in my lap: Dawei is going to make it all better again.