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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Who says that BrisVegas doesn't attract the big celebrities? Guess who I ran into on a beer-fuelled craze through Brisbane's turbulent nightlife this weekend? None other than Mr Wil Anderson!!!! Like, oh my God!!

He was sitting next to me at a bar, and I was all "hmm this guy looks a bit familiar in that wussy, cute way" and then I was all "dude! It's totally Wil Anderson!" I was going to ask him if he was Angus Smallwood (RIP, Pick Your Face) just to see if it pissed him off a bit, but I decided against it. I was arking myself up to get his autograph for my Mum, because she is totally in love with him, and tapes him in the mornings so she can listen to him later and has gone to all his shows and stuff. So anyway, my sister rocks up, and I pull her aside and am all "dude, Wil Anderson is like, right there!". Anyway, for you guys who aren't in the know, my sister is a drunken bint when she's had a few pints, and she was suitable ripped by this stage since she'd been chugging down the ales with her workmates since noon. Anyway, she just yells out "Oi, WIL!" really loudly, and you know in those movies where someone does something really embarrassing and the needle from the record goes "rrrrpppt!" and the music cuts and everyone looks over at the person who has just made a prize ass out of themselves? Yeah, that's what happened. Everyone just turned around, stared at my sister like she was the biggest dick in the world. Including Wil, who looked like he had just smelled a particularly noxious fart.

How mortifying.

Anyway, ol' Wil was looking pretty decent, being all stubble-y and ear-ring-y. Unfortunately he was wearing Tsubi jeans (ugh, maybe four years ago, Wil) but his brown bomber jacket thing was quite tasty. I thought I might run into him later to apologise or something as I got dragged to see Tim Rogers at the Zoo and I thought he might be heading there. I hate Tim Rogers, but my ticket was free and it was a bit of a different thing to do, I guess. Ruth tells me that Tim is treated like a bit of a God down in Melbourne town, and when he goes to a pub or bar people dive all over him to buy him drinks: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Melbourne. You need to take lessons from us Vegas folk. First lesson: chill. He looks like he has AIDS, people! Tim, have you not heard of hair shit? What about toothpaste and a dental hygienist? How about a fucking shirt, as if anyone can get away with wearing an opened jacket on a bare torso, it certainly is not you.

Despite his wussy, boring performance, a good time was had. His supports were much better, and I always enjoy drinking beer out of a bottle. Oh, and totally scoping out the hot "rock" alternative-y looking guys who populate the Zoo. Mmm. I could work a few of those over big time.