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Friday, July 09, 2004
Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been out shagging every hour on the hour with a hot piece of cut fuckstud muscle.

Okay, well, I haven't. But the dream lives on, people. Actually, most of the time has been spent organising and supervising our painter (the one with the bowel cancer) who has unfortunately returned. Christ, he SUCKS. He hates all our colour choices and will not stop bitching. He was born in like, the '40s, and his style hasn't changed since then. He's already ruined our exterior, so I have to stick around to make sure he doesn't fuck up our interior. "Red? NO! That will look stupid. Let's paint it cream, and if you want some colour we can paint a two-inch wide band of it right around the room!" Uhm, no. Listen, asshole. We are paying you like, twenty grand, so shut the fuck up and wield your cunting brush before I paint your large intestine with it.

God, don't you just, like, hate insubordinance from the help? Why do they have to be so rude anyway? If I were getting paid, I'd just do my fucking job and shut up. Why make things difficult? Morons. I'd be a good union leader, I reckon.

In other news, my stupid cousin was officially selected for the Athens Olympics yesterday. Stupid perfect, friendly, down-to-earth-despite-massive-wealth, honest, intelligent, athletic, buff, cunting cousins. Not that I'm jealous or anything. It would be nice to have something I'm good at though. Other than making mojitos and kiwi martinis, I mean, because most people can do that. I suppose it's pretty exciting. But it would appear that Mother and Father have rescinded their offer to send me over to support if he got selected. Like, rude much? They are telling me it's about time I earned and spent my own money for stuff like that, and everything will taste sweeter for it. Whatever! Like I'd ever be able to afford a flight to Greece working some minimum wage job or whatever (unless I flew, like, Garuda or something. Ew.). I have uni! I can't work full time. Or weekends, for obvious reasons. Father gave me a bit of a spraying last night too, for wasting my life. Nice. Whatever. They can go get fucked. Or help me find a job at least. I mean, my friends who work, all of them have their jobs by someone hooking them up with their employer. How do they expect me to find work if they don't give me a leg-up? Some people are so thoughtless.