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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
You know, for all my bitching, going back to uni has its good side. Like, scoping out some hot trade! And the muffins are pretty good at the refec places too. But, I mean, seeing as I will probably graduate next year, I've decided to become a dedicated student this semester. I've made a pretty good start too, managing to make it to a third of my lectures so far this week! I missed some today, but I really needed to go into town and buy a nice new day planner thing. I mean, I can't really get down to serious uni work if I'm not organised, right? And I bought a new highlighter too, so I could colour in the holidays. God I'm good. So anyway, I've already seen the positive side in being a dedicated student. Getting to lectures means more opportunities to perv on buff men! I mean, this is really nothing new to me, I guess. Every semester I sign up for courses, and anticipate the kind of men who will attend, hoping there will be a variety of hot tall dark 'n' handsome (and rich, and sarcastic, with twinkly pale-coloured eyes who ride motorbikes) guys who would be ready to rumble the moment I cocked my eyebrow at them. Or, I mean, something like that. I am still willing to try this whole date thing after all. Oh, by the way, thanks a lot for all your help there, God. All I wanted was one lousy date this holiday! Bah.

Unfortunately, every course I seem to take attracts the most lecherous of men. I mean, in my Arts-y side, all the men are gross and dirty and poor (or have no aspirations of wealth). Mousey coloured and oily hair in bum-parts dominate, as do jeans bought in chain stores (ick) and boring stripey t-shirts, or, even worse, faux-"vintage" t-shirts from the "1970s". However, on my science-y side, the men are either really jocky (so over that whole highschool thing, boys) and wear Canterburys all fucking year and deck shoes, or they are nerd central with glasses, poor skin, no sense of snarky fun, and tote book bags they got for free at fucking conferences. Why didn't I do a fucking degree with all the hot people?! Or are they all at TAFE or part of the working class or something? I'm sure some are. I guess it's rather rare to be intelligent enough to attend a proper university and still be aesthetically pleasing. Although there must be some on campus. I mean, there's usually enough eye-candy walking around to get me to the stage where I willingly check out their package at least a few times a day.

I'm not quite sure where they all go. Perhaps physio, or something lame like that? Vet, maybe? Bah! So far in my lectures I've seen a couple of attractive people, so hopefully in sessions to come I will conveniently find myself seated closer to them so I can appraise them further. I'm feeling like a bit of a nigel no-friends in my lectures at the moment; I need to allign myself with some Beautiful People already. Or at least find some to look at or something. Nothing makes a lecture run smoother than finding a nice fit guy to stare at until your eyes glaze over and you start to drool... down there.

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