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Monday, September 27, 2004
Hey fellow beeyotchers. Today is indeed my birthday! Woo, go me rocking the past 22 years! Here's to another 22!

Anyhoo, I didn't get properly busted in for my birthday, but Cap Guy and I have gotten down to some serious sexual shenanigans, orgasms flying left right and centre. He's rather impressed with my consistently powerful cumshot, so that's a bonus I guess. I once blew so hard in his eye he made me run downstairs and get a towel to wipe it out. Like, what a wuss. He should be highfiving me and being all in awe and stuff. He's been a good sport other than that though. He lets me sit on his face for hours at a time and isn't pressuring me to allow him to ram his huge (and bent, hmm) cock up my man clack. I sort of felt obliged as he took me out to this wicked expensive restaurant, gave me two bottles of Mo√ęt, a pair of Tsubis and a limited edition Hugo Boss thingie. Meh. Oh well! I wasn't so wrapped with the Tsubis, however, considering how much I bitch about loathing them. But free shit is free shit I guess, especially as Mother and Father have already said they aren't getting me anything this year. Fucking tight arse cunts.

But yeah, my birthday hasn't been too bad I suppose. Just a bit of an anti-climax (despite the two payloads this morning, ahem). Spent the day at uni doing some work (on my holidays!), no presents from the family, and Mother decided my birthday would be the perfect day to bring the window cleaner around to clean every single damn window. I think I need more attention to be made about me. Only stupid Cheekbones has rung, and we spent most of that conversation shredding our respective lays' tendencies to dirty talk. Some people are so totally selfish, how come they don't think very much about others? Rude much?