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Monday, October 18, 2004
I think I'm a lousy lay. Well, I'm not, because y'know... this is Dawei talking. Or writing. There is no tighter, more smoother arse, no mouth more warm and accommodating, nor cum so plentiful and honey tasting. So please. Let's just get that straight.

But I'm not used to regular sex with the same person. Or is that phrasing redundant? See! I know nothing about relationships. I've only just got my head around the image of the twin heads of the electric toothbrush lined up on his bathroom bench, and the fact that I have a "side" of the big-ass bed. And let's not even touch the ritual that is dressing and doing hair and applying scents, which is just too too too too too flaming and faggot-y and embarrassing, even for this stupid blog.

But I mean, like, Cap Guy likes talking dirty. And he keeps saying shit like "mmmm what do you like" and I'm all "what? Orgasms are fun..." and he's all "no, tell me what you like...". What the fuck? What am I meant to say to that? I think he means that I should tell him what really gets me off, and I draw a blank. I mean, to me it's all good. Like, I don't think I have any out there sexual practices or fetishes that really get me going. But I feel like I don't want to disappoint him or anything, so I usually bullshit something. Once I said "I want to fuck you while you wear a jockstrap" as... I don't know why I said that. How embarrassing! Luckily the lights were out so he didn't see me blush. Although I guess my blood was conveniently redirected anyway. So then the other night I ripped off his jeans after we were back from cocktails... and he was wearing one! Bwah! I started giggling, because I wasn't expecting that at all, and really they don't do anything for me. I was just trying to join in, and saying "jockstrap" is pretty tame (and he does have a superb bulge). I could have said something like... oh I don't know, "hook you up in one of those creepy suspended mummy things and piss on you" or something.

He's so my bitch though, I bet he would have.

But yeah, the jockstrap. It wasn't even a very good jockstrap. It was more of a jockstrap with g-string so I still had to move the elastic thingie out of the way to get access at his money hole. Like, what's the point? If you are going to get fucked in a jockstrap you can't have any pesky elastic getting in the way. Like, haven't you watched any homo porn before? Duh.

But sheesh, I never thought I would be conservative in bed. I guess most random encounters it's just like kiss-suck-fuck and it's varieties and then home-time. I suppose if you are doing a serious thing you need things to spice it up or whatever. And plus, with random sex I'm always drunk which makes things nice and easy. Ah well, at least I can get it on without alcohol now. That's something, right? Right?


But yeah, I have a suspicion that Cap Guy is a bit of a dirty fucker. I bet the dirty talk is just a gateway to more filth. I have to keep up! He already says I have to stop saying random stupid things during the act which kills the mood. Well sor-ry for being a good conversationalist, asshat. Not all of us can talk about how good people's cum tastes or how good a cock-sucker someone is you know! Isn't that talk a bit... tacky?

Sheesh. The things I do.