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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Meanwhile, if you were a thirty year old homo, what would you like for Christmas? I have to get him something good, because he's sure to spend a lot of money on me. I know he already got me an iPod, which is pretty good I guess. I mean, I told him an iBook or PowerBook, but yeah. I could use an ipod too. He was really cute about it too, he was all "Dawei! I got you one of your Christmas presents today!" all excited and puppy-like. So then I was all "is it an iPod?" and he put his head down on the bar and went "Argh!". Hee hee. Men are so predictable. I told him that an iPod is good, but I actually need a PowerBook, but he told me to go fuck myself. Like, rude much? It's not that I was disappointed to find out what he had gotten me, I was like, joking (and to be honest, he implied that he was thinking of getting another present as well which is a bit scary). In fact, I told him not to spend so much money on me! See, look how mature and selfless I'm being!

Anyway, he told me that seeing as I "bitched" so much he's thinking of giving it to someone else and taking me skiing in New Zealand instead. Which I mean, is good and all, but you can't really keep it. Also, I can't ski. Also, it's a bit of a cop-out for him, because he'd be getting half of that "present", so in effect he spends twice as much as he usually would. I mean, if he wants to spend that much money on me he may as well just give me the fucking iPod and throw in the laptop as well. Sheesh.

But yeah, I need to come up with something wicked to give him. All I can come up with at the moment is one of those fat-ass pepper grinders as he doesn't have one. Sigh. And I need to conserve funds, as I'm heading down to Sydney soon and then maybe New York in a few months and UGH. Stupid Dawei, being such a globetrotter.